Rutas Nacionales e Internacionales


• We transport all types of goods with daily routes with part or full loads from Andalusia, including all the East coast of the peninsula with Holland and Germany being our principal destinations.

• We import all types of goods into Spain and the south of France, dry and refrigerated goods having availability of Lorries in any point of Germany and Holland every day of the year guaranteeing a fast and efficient transport.

• The temperature of the goods is controlled by our fridge temperature controlled via GPS that our clients can access at any given moment

We control the location of all our transports.

We like to highlight that we have a GPS system that locates the exact point where each of our vehicles are. Thus we have an exhaustive control of the load and we can keep our customers informed at all times

Cabe destacar que disponemos de un sistema GPS que nos localiza el punto exacto donde se encuentra cada uno de nuestros vehículos. Con ello llevamos un control exhaustivo de la carga y podemos mantener informados a nuestros clientes en todo momento